About this website


As part of its 50th Anniversary celebration in 2012, OHE made its publications — from its founding in 1962 to the present — available free for download.  Publications that have appeared in the last ten years are available to registered users from our main websitePublications older than ten years are available from this archive site.

Nancy Devlin, Adrian Towse, Jon Sussex, Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz

N Devlin, A Towse, J Sussex, J Mestre-Ferrandiz

We have arranged the archive in sections, within decades.  If you are looking for a particular publication or author and are unsure of the date, please search within this pdf file.

A note about quality:
Many of our older publications languished in storage for decades.  Although the pdfs on this site are the best available, we realise that the quality of some may not be optimum.  Some files also may take some time to download because of their size.